Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Building a Pyramid of Understanding - Preview

This new book is in the final stages of editing for release at Amazon.com on Kindle keep watching its coming soon!


We have all struggled to understand our relationship to God. This relationship is the most important relationship anyone will ever have and yet the least understood by most people. I can only take in so much information at any given time, which causes me to break down information into useable sizes and formats. In this case Building a Pyramid of Understanding helps to give shape to thoughts and spiritual truths. In an effort to breakdown my understandings of God four triangles are revealed. These are summarized in the first four chapters revealing the aspects of God, Man, Temptation, and Christian Service.
The triangles then could be placed together as an interactive pyramid revealing three levels of relationships with God. The relationships are named Creation, Salvation and Growth, which show the growing relationship intended between God and mankind. When we view the sections individually we can grasp the beginning of their meaning. When applied to each other they reveal greater depth than either reveals in a singular fashion. Rather than simply adding one to the other you can find yourself embraced in Spiritual Trigonometry.  Spiritual Trigonometry could be described as searching for the biblical angles that enlighten our understanding of God and applying such enlightenment into our lives.
The pyramid is only being used as a complex shape to signify the complex relationship between God and Man. When you see the four aspects as triangles laid together they form a pyramid. Then if you see that pyramid horizontally cut into three sections, you will find three squares revealed signifying the three relationships to God. The basis of this writing is to serve as a tool in understanding the relationship of God to man according to the scriptures. This is in no way intended to promote some mystical relationship to pyramids. It is intended to provoke thought and introspection for the individual toward God.
For years I heard it said, “We need to know the vertical relationship with God and the horizontal relationship with man, which symbolizes the Cross of Calvary.”  Where such thought originated is unknown to me. It also limits us to a two-dimensional relationship with a multi-dimensional God and His complex creations. In reality it is the type of thought that says, “I’m saved so everything is okay!” The fact is that your salvation is more than fire insurance. The call of God on your life goes deeper than simply meeting temporal needs. God is calling each of us to look at life through the many angles He created, in order to find the path He wants us to walk through life, the path we’re called to uniquely walk throughout life’s journey. We are not called to march in step with an earthly army of unthinking believers; we are called to uniquely walk in Him. My prayer is that this writing helps someone on the journey God has called them to walk.